TO MENU

        Hey, I'm Atis.
        I'm a destination wedding videographer.

        I believe in keeping things simple and for my work to live on for generations to come. I am not one for tricks or trends or false promises, I simply document you, your story and what I see in the most organic and sincere way.

          You can’t even imagine how difficult is to write about myself without mentioning at least one funny story. But first of all I’d like to start talking about Atis Films and my style working in video filming. Let’s start!

        Atis Films is me, freelancer, and I’m focused on weddings, advertisements, Love story, and other events. I have been filming for about 5 years ( Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Denmark, Iceland, Czech, Germany ).

        2018 – I was nominated by Weva Awards – “Best young professional”

        2019 – I was Jury member in “WEVA RoAward 2019”

        and “WEVA BalcanAward 2019”

        My work style is to give the real wedding atmosphere in my film. I’m extremely serious as for music accompaniment at is really influences the wedding spirit. Video from drone helps me to depict the landscape beauty, architecture, local nature with your head in the clouds which make you stop breathing as you aren’t able to experience it standing on the ground.

         I’m my childhood I loved painting but getting older I haven’t lost the sense of color. For about 4 years I’ve been practicing film color-correction to make the picture looks like a movie.
          Every year I visit MC of TOP-videographers to improve my level. My goal is to make you feel comfortable on the filming day and avoid any confusion in front of the camera.
          On that very day, I usually come a little bit earlier to communicate with the couple and learn them better. I absolutely understand their feelings as I have been married for 2 years already.
          I adore traveling and making wedding films in different countries. I’ll be really happy to cooperate with you and make your wedding the day of your life!
          I’m proud to say that all the couples I’ve worked with were great personalities and makes me feel happy while the filming.



        Atis was very professional, fun, friendly and creative to work with. He had awesome, original ideas on how to capture the most beautiful day of our lives. He's a true visionary who's very passionate about what he does, he showed us exactly what to do and we both felt like movie stars. Atis also provides excellent customer service, we had some ideas on how we wanted our wedding movie to be, and we would simply write an email and explain it, and Atis was able to create exactly what we wanted. Atis also has a very good musical taste 🙂 he found some perfect songs to match with our video and general wedding vibe.
        Communication was easy and friendly. We are so happy we found Atis, and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a beautiful wedding movie.

        - LAUREN & BEN



        Atis - the best young videographer WEVA Awards.

        You deserve it congratulation and thank you for our amazing wedding clip.

        - JAWDAT & NOOR